A Mild Rant...and some other updates

So today hasn't been the greatest day for my opinion of the Brown School.
First, the WRC at U of I posted some pictures from a few of the amazing events from last year which made me miss all those good times. Plus I had long hair. Which is just weird.
Then I found out that some of the faculty at Brown School are debbie-downers and like to rain on my social justice parade. Which is likely to have not happened at U of I..and if it had, I at least would have known who had my back. Here...not so much. which makes me miss U of I that much more.

I don't understand why rocking the boat and asking difficult questions is so frowned upon here. For instance, WHY exactly doesn't the school of social work at a supposedly liberal school (granted, we are in Missouri so it probably is about as liberal as it gets here) not have gender neutral bathrooms? And why am I being discouraged (oh so subtly) from advocating for them. Isn't that in our NASW code of ethics? yes. in fact it is. I should know because I've had to read them approximately 873,203 times. And that was just first semester. Apparently we like status quo here...so I probably should have specified in my essays coming into this program that that's just not how I roll. Oops.
Perhaps if that was my only let-down, it wouldn't be so bad. Oh, misfortune!

Hopefully some of the meetings I have coming up will assuage my disappointment. But alas.

So you want so good news now? HOW ABOUT  PHOTO BOOTH PROPS?!

Instead of paying some money (what Ben may call too much) for a proper photo booth, we are going to put photo booth props on the tables and potentially put together a makeshift photobooth. We aren't the proper type anyway.

I'm pretty excited about it, because I mean, who doesn't love a mustache on a stick? I certainly do and if you don't, you are no friend of mine. (well, you might be, I'm not trying to make that generalization). And we're starting on the pinwheels and all that good stuff, so work will actually be getting done.

And this weekend I have the first of my training for the Anytown camp, which is really exciting to me because I want to flex my diversity brain muscles again. Also because I came up with a really awesome idea and I want to flesh it out. More on that later.

It's summertime, which I'm using to get my foot in the door with some admin here and to get my activist agenda moving plus it's wedding crunch time - well, as crunchy as crunch time gets for me and Ben. Things are happening. I just hope they keep moving in the direction I want and that these "setbacks" are few and far between.