Aaand we're back!

So it's been awhile. A long while. The last time I wrote, I was still unemployed. Now I am gainfully employed at a wonderful organization helping folks who are HIV+ and knowing that I am putting my MSW degree to good use. Things are finally settling down. Ben is preparing for a second round of boards. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary! TWO YEARS? Can you believe it? Two years ago, we got married and now, we're halfway through 2013 (when did that happen?) and time just keeps on marching forward.

I keep thinking about this blog (I really do!) and I wonder how I want it to reflect what is going on in my life. You see, I haven't been blogging because I think sometimes, for months even, you just need to let life happen without the compulsion of wondering how to narrate events. Writing about becoming employed seemed really cumbersome at the time because I was feeling SO MANY emotions but the thing was, I wanted to feel them. I often tell people that when I got that phone call with the job offer, it was like 11 months of stress that had just been piling on was suddenly lifted and I remembered what it was like to breathe again. AND BREATHE I DID!

But now, for some reason, seems like as good a time as any to start blogging again. In just a month, I'll be celebrating my ability to have survived 25 years of life and trekking into my 26th year of life which is going to be full of changes. There is no doubt about that. In my 26th year of life, Ben will be graduating, becoming a dentist, we'll be moving (again), I'll be settling comfortably into a job, and I'll be continuing to straddle that line between adult and kid-at-heart. I'm looking forward to embracing this time of my life where I am still young and active by continuing to play sand volleyball (I do that now) and continuing to have great fun with our best friends and family.

It's gonna be a big year and I'm going to attempt to use this space to remember where I was and how I was in the time and place. I am looking forward to moving past the place that I was in before all of this - that terribly low place that was no good.

Here's to new adventures (in blogging!)