Oh Hey There 2012...

It's a new year and as much as I loved this...

I was really ready for the year to be over.
The last few months were a bear and really challenged me both intellectually and emotionally. I like a challenge just as much as the next person but I was pretty close to a limit.

Christmas was rough because sometimes family is just unrelenting but overall this break has been wonderful.
Plus I got a really great sweatshirt which I've been pretty much living in:

Ben was off for awhile - he's back at school now which is sad but it was great while it lasted...
Josh is home - well, not right now...but in general...
Court is having babies - yes. 2. two. TWO. wow.

2011 was when Ben and I got married. I'm in my dream practicum right now, doing what I love doing, working with people that I love, I've found my perfect group of friends 
(many of whom will be leaving me in 2012...lesigh)
I'm prepared to move forward and become a real adult in the next few months 

I don't believe in resolutions because I don't want to limit myself to bettering myself once a year.
 I believe in goals. 
and my goals are:
*Finish my sketchbook (which I have to send in SOON. eep.)
*Be healthier
*Work harder in school. I mean, really.
*Be a better partner
*Be a better friend
*Be a better daughter
*Be a good pen pal (that means you, Audrey)
*Do some stuff in the 'Lou that I haven't yet (Arch, I'm comin' atcha)
*Find a job
*Blog more
*Be introspective (and write about it)
*read more books that aren't assigned for class
*read more stuff that is assigned for class

...and you know, morestufflikethat

happy new year, everyone. be well. be happy. be nice.