Happy National Coming Out Day! And other updates...

Happy National Coming Out Day! It was and is a time (day, week, month, eternity) to celebrate love in any form.. It's a day to recognize what the process of simply being is for some people. The fact that we need a day to celebrate and acknowledge the coming out process says a lot about how far we still have to go. So to all my LGBTQIetc. friends, Happy Coming Out Day! 

Secondly, it was Columbus Day. Wah wah. Columbus Day is not a day to celebrate or honor. Granted, most people don't. Most people don't even know what Columbus Day is for (ahem, Mom)...but honestly, schools continue to propagate the myth of this great dude who came and started it all. This holiday is very similar to Thanksgiving and the pilgrims. We need to work on thinking about our collective histories truthfully and rethink how we celebrate these "holidays." I am all about have a day of Thanks. I think that is not necessarily culturally specific, however, celebrating the pilgrimage to America and our "Founding Fathers" (who, by the way, happen to be illegal immigrants....just sayin') and in effect the genocide of hundred of thousands of Native Americans seems, oh, I don't know....just wrong. Anyway, I guess this is just a PSA about Columbus Day. Rethink it.

So that's my social justice-y rant. Now for other updates. 
Mom and I went wedding dress shopping the other day. I came to one conclusion: Kaytlin = awkward dress wearer. But seriously, I found one that I kinda like. It's more expensive than I want to spend/feel comfortable spending but it is really adorable and fits really well, so we'll see. We'll just keep our fingers crossed for some drastic price cuts. And it's the first step in the right direction, I think. I really don't like trying on dresses though. It's a very public affair which just lends to our cultures fascination with bridal imagery. There aren't public dressing rooms when I'm trying on a pair of jeans but when I try on a fluffy white dress, I should share that with the world. Bull. Anyway, it's a strange experience when some women you have never met tell you whether you should pick a dress. "Excuse me, do I know you and why do you care?" Plus, it's an environment that sucks you in and makes everyone in the environment a voyeur. Frightening.

We also found the paper for our origami flowers (talk about one of the most difficult shopping searches ever) so I'm excited to start working on those. As well as the straws for the pinwheels. ALSO and perhaps one of the most exciting things...one of my friends in my Social Work cohort is making our cake - HUZZAH! 

I feel like people must think that I'm not excited at all to be getting married. I'm very unenthusiastic about it, I admit. BUT that's not because I'm not excited. It's just that the whole "getting there" part is A LOT of work. And I've said from the beginning that I'm going to be the UnBride. And I'm living up to that. So just know that I am pumped to be partnered with Ben forever, however, getting there is more really a lot of legwork to just have the awesome party I want to have.

So that's it for now. The all-in-one blog of social justice and wedding crap. 


  1. <3 Hey! You make me happy. Good luck dress shopping, man! I haven't even started tackling that. A little bit less than enthused to do so. =)

  2. YAY THE CAKE! I'm sooo excited!