Because I don't want to get too ahead of myself

I've been holding back on updating too much. I mean, it might turn out that my life in the next year isn't very exciting at all and I've started this blog in vain.
I'm realizing more and more everyday that my insights that may seem like little nuggets of wonderfulness are only such to me. I learn life lessons everyday - but sometimes I think those life lessons are only applicable to myself. For instance, today I was sitting on the couch reading some articles for such and such a class and I looked into the kitchen where Ben was doing something at the sink. I just smiled to myself because I realized that, though sometimes the days get really long, I really do love him. Sappy, yes? but oh so true.
Also, I have morsels of conversation that will forever stay with me, but they aren't recreate-able. Like the conversation I had with one of my supervisors the other day: we were discussing ways to relinquish unearned privilege (i.e. white privilege, heterosexual privilege, etc.). I didn't understand how this was even possible but he really made me go deeper that I had been willing to do. I really REALLY appreciated it and now I have a different way of approaching my everyday interactions.
But in actuality, the real reason I'm updating are not for these moments of awe, but because last weekend (a week ago yesterday) I received an email that my Fulbright proposal was recommended to the next level. That's pretty serious.
Again, I don't want to get ahead of myself (as the title states) but it's pretty exciting, and certainly documentable news. That means out of all the proposals from all over the United States that were proposed for Austria, mine was 1 of probably 35 or 40. That's pretty good in itself.
I should know (hopefully, fingers crossed) around the beginning of March whether I'll be going or not. Until then, I'm going to be pretty busy. Hopefully sometime next week, I'll be able to update you on the grad school front. I'm supposed to find out from Wash U the week of the 15th.
Until then!
kaytlin ({})

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