and enjoying my final few days before the hectic-ness that is the last semester of undergraduate college! What!? I know...it seems like just yesterday I was hugging away at my teddybear wishing I could come home because I missed it so much. Now I'm kinda antsy to get back into the swing of things. My, how life changes in four short years.

I was in NC for a week. It's always nice to see everyone, but it can be draining, too. It's hard to explain to people that I only come for a week because a week is about as much as I can handle. It's not the most booming of towns, really I could go for two days and get everything that we usually do in a week done. Dad is doing well, though, which is good. and the whole family is functioning, however dysfunctionally.

But like I said, I was glad to get home and now I'm kinda ready to be back at school. Mostly because I'm have a few new things on the table like a new job and independent study, plus new classes and a class with Anna Banana :-D. It will also make time go by faster so I can find out about the Fulbright and admissions to Wash U. Those are the biggest things weighing now. As long as one of those two things comes through for me, I'll be a happy little duck.

I've worked on a couple of paintings today. I think at some point I want to go take pictures, though I'm not sure where or of what. Maybe I'll think on that tomorrow whilst I memorize my monologue.

Well, that's about it. My life isn't too exciting yet, and I bet it won't be for a little while at least, though I'll keep this updated.


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