The boxes keep piling up..

We're gearing up for our move south in 9 days. NINE DAYS! Holy crap. and while it's been fun and all, I hate packing and moving and leaving people and packing. And in all the hustle and bustle of moving, Ben took a look at his Dental School schedule for the next few years.


Which means 2 things:
a. I'm probably going to have to get an animal mate so I can avoid discussing my days with walls and tables, and
b. we're moving the wedding to NEXT summer. 2011. WHAT?!

Oh man.. this means that legit have to start booking and planning things. Which I wasn't  prepared to do yet but I'm getting there.

We've been deciding a lot of things. And actually MAKING decisions. We found an awesome reception place (keep your fingers crossed) - the Jacoby Arts Center in Alton. It's an awesome little art gallery/event venue that I'm sorta in love with...for now. We haven't been there...but the pictures of this place are adorable. We have to go check out the event room and figure out what the extra costs are going to be, but this would be perfect for me. PERFECT.

this is the gallery. beautiful. I hope this works out.

Also we're looking at July 16 or July 23rd (which depends on availability of church/reception site).

Man look at all this wedding stuff. It's for real now. Once I've had some time to process this all, I'll come back and write about the readings, etc. that we are considering and how the ceremony process looks. But for now, I'm too amped on all this aesthetic stuff and these big details. the "small" stuff will come later (because that stuff will come pretty naturally, I think...)

Anyway..just an update.

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