For the one that I love

Today marks the 6th year that I've been with the love of my life and the 1st year of our engagement.

Sometimes I think back at all we've been through and its been a lifetime of things...already.

Together, we've survived:
  1. The tragic and sudden deaths of not one, but 2 classmates in high school.
  2. Graduating high school and embarking on an exciting new journey together to college.
  3. A devastating 1st semester of college, complete with clinical depression and medication.
  4. Becoming an aunt and uncle 3 times over.
  5. The death of his wonderful grandmother followed by...
  6. The death of his wonderful father. (RIP Chuck)
  7. Establishing our first "home" on our college campus.
  8. Establishing our family away family at U of I.
  9. The end of therapy and medication
  10. Political Activism complete with being FOIA'd
  11. A road trip that spanned 22 days and only 5 showers
  12. Getting accepted into our first choice graduate and professional schools.
  13. Graduating from college.
  14. Moving 160 miles back home to our next home together.
  15. A 600+ beer bottle collection
  16. Getting engaged.
  17. Family madness because we're engaged (and they realize what that means come wedding day)
  18. Planning a wedding
  19. Cold feet (in the literal sense, not the figurative one)
  20. Dental School and Social Work school
And actually, this doesn't even begin to cover it. Sometimes I try to think of my life without Ben and well, it's really hard. It's not impossible...because it shouldn't be impossible, but it also really sucks when I think about it. He's my rock, he's my comfort, he's my laughter, and he's my home.

I love you, Benjamin Ian, with all my heart.

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