Getting Closer...

So we're closing in quickly on the 3 month mark til the day. And yet, nothing much in my demeanor has changed. I don't feel any more or less antsy (I'm letting Ma handle all of those nervous feelings). We've had a couple more conversations about how we want it to actually look but eh, not really. We're both so busy that we hardly have time to decide what to do for dinner (at 9pm, mind you) much less what our wedding 3 months from now is going to look like.

That being said - HOLY CRAP THE WEDDING IS 3(ish) MONTHS FROM NOW. where did all that time go? oh right. to the abyss that is professional school. eff.

and that's a little insight to how I deal with all of this. I am goooooooooooood and then I'M NOT. that's how I handle life, though, I mean, if we're being honest. (which I am).

I appreciate my friends (new and old) more and more though - because in some ways they force me to think about these things (which I should be thinking about if I really want it to happen with any particular flair) but they also allow me to poopoo the wedding and shake it off like it's no big deal.

because it's not a big deal. and then sometimes it is.
conflict is my middle name, by the way.

and then sometimes, really funny or awesome things pop up places and make me real happy and make me forget things like school, practicum, wedding, and family drama. Things like:

**[thank goodness for autosave because in order to look for this link, I accidentally click exit on this window...ugh]**

or things like a good friend's birthday. Which, speaking of, you should go visit my good friend Jillian's page (which I know I've linked before) and enter her fabulous birthday giveaway - I mean because really? Who else gives stuff away on their birthday? She does. Because that's how awesome she is. Oh and while you are there, you should probably vote for her blog in the top baby blog contest (which is at the bottom of her page) - because her son, Cash, is the most darling baby boy. Darling!
Jillian Pye on Blogspot

you can also click there. because that will be awesome, too.

anyway, it's the small things in life that make you happy. and it's important to be grateful for all things - including that really bad, gonna make the wedding awkward but unique, sort of stuff.

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