Live and Learn

Yes, it's been awhile. Yes, I've been busy. Yes, I will try to do better.  No, I will not make any promises.

So the apartment is broken in: Anna and Jeremiah stayed for Art on the Square and Josh stayed when he got back from Colorado. It's been wonderful to have people with us again.

Anna and Jeremiah's visit was wonderful. We had a lot of fun at the square, our piece looked amazing. And I say "our" with all genuineness, Anna did just as much as I did. We saw the sights, did all the typical Southern Illinois stuff (minus the cow-tipping) and just had fun. It was really sad to see them go, but alas.

Then Josh got home from Colorado last weekend so that's been fun. He spent a day at the Rogier-Reedy spa (as he calls it). He takes the GRE tomorrow so we'll wish him luck with that. Tomorrow night I get to see my loves that I've been missing dearly and it will be much appreciated. Jimmy is coming home briefly before heading to AZ, Josh leaves for China on Friday, and BSue (who will be in st. louis) whom I haven't seen in FOREVER. It will be glorious.

I had an interview today at Wash U for a student ambassador position. Find out Friday. Keep your fingers crossed.

And wedding stuff. Oh the wedding stuffs! Well, there have been some snafus, a lot of tears, some difficult decision making but I think it's all for the best. It generally sucks to have a family that is as effed up as mine is. IknowIknow, all families are dysfunctional..and I agree. However, when you have someone try to kill someone else and then you try to make them all share a smallish space* amicably...that goes beyond the threshold of dysfunction, I think. But it will all work out, this I know, I just gotta figure out how to inform all parties of changes made.

We are slowly coming along on favors (as in, I emptied out a ton of CD cases) and we have to figure out exactly how we want the service to go. I suppose at some point I should probably think about dress shopping. We've come in wonderfully under budget in a lot of things. We book the Masonic Temple for our reception, which means we have to figure out decorations and whatnots. I know it will all be fabulous, no matter what.

One things we have finished and can check off the list is ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS. All done..and they are marvelous, I must say. Here's a sample. More/All can be seen on my facebook page.

Photos by Marv and Sue Asher, Concept Photography
But for now, that's the update. I wish I had more to give but I don't, at least not right now.
*is any space really that big when another person who tried to kill you is in it..I think not.

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