Settle Down

So I'm sitting in our living which looks like this:

and the rest of our apartment looks just as snazzy as well. We finally have some time to relax and watch TV without the nagging feeling that "oh no, Anna and Jeremiah are coming to stay this weekend and they can't even get up the stairs" because they can. And they can get to the futon to sleep on.

Funny Story about the picture that's on the wall: When I was a senior in High School, I was in the AP Art program and that painting pissed me off. The bulldog has no nose. And it's sort of a terrible composition (read: no composition)
So I took it off the wall. And put it in the art room. A few days later, it magically reappeared in the hallway. WTF?!
So I took it down again...and put it in my car.
It's been in my basement ever since.
The Highland News Leader ran an article about the dedication of this painting to the High School a few weeks ago. That article is framed next to it. I wonder if they even realize it's missing. I wonder if anyone who works at the high school reads this blog. I hope I don't get in trouble.

Anyway. This is the final moving update. It's official, we've moved. I miss Urbana quite often, but I'm sure once I start school it will get much better. 

Also, we are getting our engagement photos done tomorrow by 
Marv does wonderful work. You should check it all out. He's truly an artist. 
It must run in the family! ;) 

I'll let you all know how that looks...plus how the wedding planning goes. We have some quirky fun things in the works AND we are going to look at a possible reception site SOON! (As in hopefully tomorrow!)
But for now, my computer is running out of battery (because I'm down in the living room, as I said) so I need to get going, take the whitestrips out, and go to bed.

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