Oh How Neglectful I Am...

I'm sorry to have neglected you, blog friends. I've thought about you often, I promise.

However, I've been busy/lazy - too busy or lazy to decide what was important enough to write. TODAY, though, is of the utmost importance. Mostly because the Emmy's are on...IN HONOR OF MY BIRTHDAY. or maybe not, but nevertheless, they are co-occurring and it's thrilling.

A couple of highlights from life as of late (besides the whole Kaytlinpalooza thing - which is exciting in itself):

-absolutely nothing new in the way of wedding planning. well, okay some pretty huge decisions have been made...some decisions that required tears and heartbreak but were necessary. Luckily I have some pretty strong rocks on my side that help me make those decisions and let me sound-off/ask the right questions.

-Orientation for Grad School started. It's been an intense week full of information overload and uber confusion regarding the rest of my life. But I'm not concerned. It's good confusion, one that reeks of many possibilities - an overwhelming amount of possibilities. I've met some pretty cool people who will be my peers as well as some awesome mentors. I'm really excited about the things I'll be able to do and it's made me really grateful for the training/mentorship that I received at U of I.

-Kaytlinpalooza: which is really less intense than it sounds..but it's really fun for me. (and sometimes those around me). Really it just consisted on something really nice everyday for a week - like fresh peaches, birthday cards, or a nice date night out. I chalk it up to Kaytlinpalooza but really it's just me really enjoying what I have. It's also a catchy name (it may not seem like it at first, but it really is - try it on for size; go ahead, use your own first name and add 'palooza' at the end. it will make you smile, promise.)

-Skype dates: life savers, let me tell you.

Anyway, since the Emmy's are wrapping up, I guess I should, too. ONE DAY I will have an update worth reading, I promise. Until then, stick with me and we'll get through this together. My next update will include details on self-awareness day and actual classes. 

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